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Antam Nail Studio

Edmonton, AL
Antam nail studio

76% like it (3.8 / 53 Reviews)


Address: 323 Allard Blvd SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 0J2, Canada MapGet Directions

Phone: +1 (825) 512-4762 Call


Antam nail studio is a nail salon located at 323 Allard Blvd SW, T6W 0W8, Edmonton, AL.
It has received 53 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars.


This Nail salon received 3.8 points from 53 customer reviews.

The address of Antam Nail Studio is:

Antam nail studio
323 Allard Blvd SW
Edmonton, Alberta T6W 0W8
P: +18255124762

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