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Address: 227 10 St NW #300, Calgary, AB T2N 1V5, Canada MapGet Directions

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Please keep in mind that due to temporary closures, the times listed below may not accurately reflect current opening hours.
Day Working Hours
Monday Jun 10 08:00-21:00
Tuesday Jun 11 08:00-21:00
Wednesday Jun 12 08:00-21:00
Thursday Jun 13 08:00-21:00
Friday Jun 14 Closed
Saturday Jun 15 Closed
Sunday Jun 16 08:00-18:00


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MYo Lab Health & Wellness is a premier facility located in Calgary, Canada, dedicated to providing exceptional physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and personal training services. With a team of highly skilled professionals, MYo Lab aims to deliver comprehensive and personalized treatments to help individuals achieve optimal health and well-being.


  • 🏋️‍♂️ MYo Lab offers a wide range of services, including physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and personal training, all under one roof.
  • 💆‍♀️ The massage therapy services at MYo Lab are highly praised, with customers highlighting their positive experiences and professionalism of the therapists.
  • 🌟 MYo Lab has garnered a reputation for its passionate and dedicated staff who go above and beyond to ensure exceptional treatment and follow-up care.
  • 🏆 The facility is known for its commitment to patient success, offering personalized exercise programs that are emailed to clients for continued progress outside of sessions.
  • ⭐ MYo Lab emphasizes a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing not only on treating symptoms but also on addressing the root causes of pain and discomfort.
  • 🌇 Located in Calgary, MYo Lab provides convenient access to individuals seeking top-quality healthcare and wellness services in the area.
  • 📅 MYo Lab operates from Monday to Thursday, with extended hours from 7 AM to 9 PM, accommodating individuals with busy schedules.
  • 📞 MYo Lab encourages individuals to reach out to their friendly and knowledgeable staff if they have any questions or need assistance.
  • 🌟 Customers have praised MYo Lab for its commitment to excellence and outstanding care, making it a go-to destination for those seeking the best possible treatment.
  • 🚫 MYo Lab is closed on Fridays and Saturdays, so it's advisable to plan your visit on other days for optimal convenience.

Why Choose MYo Lab Health & Wellness?

Choosing MYo Lab Health & Wellness means selecting a trusted and reputable facility that excels in providing comprehensive healthcare and wellness services. From physiotherapy to chiropractic care, massage therapy, and personal training, MYo Lab offers a holistic approach to address your unique needs. The dedicated and passionate staff, personalized exercise programs, and commitment to patient success set MYo Lab apart from the rest. Experience the difference at MYo Lab Health & Wellness and take a step towards improving your overall well-being.

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LGBTQ+ friendly LGBTQ+ friendly


Amenities in this business::
  • ✅ Has restrooms
  • ✅ Gender-neutral toilets

Kind of Crowd:
  • ✅ LGBTQ+ welcoming

  • ✅ Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • ✅ Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • ✅ Wheelchair-friendly lift

This Chiropractor received 5.0 points from 374 customer reviews.

The address of Myo Lab Health & Wellness is:

MYo Lab Health & Wellness
227 10 St NW #300
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1V5
P: +14039308686

Open 5 days a week. The days and hours that Myo Lab Health & Wellness is open:

Monday :   08:00-21:00
Tuesday :   08:00-21:00
Wednesday :   08:00-21:00
Thursday :   08:00-21:00
Sunday :   08:00-18:00

No, it is closed since Thursday, 21:00. This place will re-open at Sunday 08:00.

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